Crack Filler

Dudhi Crack Filler is a gypsum-based product for filling cracks and cavities in walls. Dudhi Crack Filler contains a Polymers, Fillers & Extenders, Despersing Agents, cellulose derivative, which improves cohesive strength and promotes adhesion to ceiling boards, plaster, lime, cement. Technical Specification Features Low shrinkage -fills up to 1mm – 2mm gaps Good anti-slump / […]

Gypsum Plaster Bond

No hacking no wire mesh no de-bonding ………go for Dudhi Plaster Bond. Dhudhi Plaster Bond is a bonding agent which provides excellent performance to bond Gypsum based plasters on RCC background for internal plastering systems. It is specially formulated readily to use an adhesive which consists of resins, aggregates and additives. It eliminates roughening, hacking […]

Plaster of Paris

Dudhi Plaster of Paris is the highest grade quality plaster which will support your ideas about gorgeous interiors into a reality. It consists of gypsum hemihydrates specially treated high purity gypsum and additives to achieve strong, durable plaster and with more coverage. This plaster is most suitable for application of internal plastering system as punning […]

Gypsum Acoustic Plaster

Dudhi Gypsum Acoustic Plaster is an innovative product Introduced by the company after getting the great success of ready-mix Gypsum based plaster ie: Brick Solution. This plaster is specially formulated and designed as suitable to internal plastering which provides visually appealing aesthetics, good adhesion on to the walls and ceilings, durable, most economical apart from […]

Gypsum Spray Solution

Dudhi Gypsum Spray Solution is latest innovation for internal plastering system. This is a ready mix plaster which can be directly applied on any solid background as Brick/Block and RCC substrate for ceiling and walls plastering. Specially formulated and designed Spray Solution having properties of Cracks free finish, Good Impact Strength and Durable. It is […]

Gypsum Plaster (Brick Solution-95)

Brick Solution 95 is developed by Dudhi Gypsum Pvt. Ltd. to enhance the range of Gypsum plaster and present a quality product to the internal plastering system. This plaster is Gypsum based ready mixed one coat application product which can be applied directly on brick/block walls and concrete ceilings. It eliminates both sand cement and […]

Gypsum Plaster (Brick Solution)

Brick Solution is a pre mixed single coat plaster which eliminates sand cement and POP application. It is recommended for direct application on to the normal backgrounds like bricks, blocks and concrete surface. Apart from providing smooth, high quality finish to internal walls and ceilings, it attains early strength, requires no post water curing and […]