Gypsum Plaster Bond

No hacking no wire mesh no de-bonding ………go for Dudhi Plaster Bond.
Dhudhi Plaster Bond is a bonding agent which provides excellent performance to bond Gypsum based plasters on RCC background for internal plastering systems. It is specially formulated readily to use an adhesive which consists of resins, aggregates and additives. It eliminates roughening, hacking and wire mesh on a concrete surface. It is an ultimate choice to put a single coat by brush/roller application which is the sufficient and safe solution for the Gypsum plasters. It provides chemical as well the mechanical key to the plaster. Available packing size in 1, 10 & 20 kgs. bucket.

Technical Specification

Test Results With Bond and Without Bond

Product Features

  • Excellent cohesive bond to RCC, Concrete and another surface.
  • Fine aggregate provides good mechanical bonding.
  • Eliminating hacking/fixing wire mesh for plastering on direct RCC surface.
  • Higher coverage.
  • Ready to use nothing to be added at the site. Do not add water.
  • Due to green colour, it is easy to identify the covered area during application.
  • Easy application by Brush/Roller.
  • No post/pre-curing is required.

Direction for Use

  • Ensure the substrate is free from dust, wetness, mould oil and loose material.
  • Stir well before use the adhesive as the aggregates should mix properly.
  • Allow to the coat dry thoroughly (Approx 24 hours) before plastering work starts.
  • Coated surface should be plastered within 10 days .


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