Plaster of Paris

Dudhi Plaster of Paris is the highest grade quality plaster which will support your ideas about gorgeous interiors into a reality. It consists of gypsum hemihydrates specially treated high purity gypsum and additives to achieve strong, durable plaster and with more coverage. This plaster is most suitable for application of internal plastering system as punning of walls and ceilings, all decorative works like cornices, roses, mouldings, arches apart from in-situ false ceiling systems.
The superior whiteness of this plaster assures aesthetics of interiors and Micronics Grinding Method (MGM) provide extra fineness which results in smooth and fine carvings as desired.

Dudhi Gypsum guarantees consistency in quality in terms of setting period, coverage, free from impurities, weight, etc which generally occurred in batch-after- batch process.

Technical Specification



  • Maintained better fineness as Micronics Grinding method.
  • Constant quality achieved by advance technology in manufacturing machineries.
  • Uses high purity Gypsum which provides good performance of strength and bonding.
  • Free from silica and other impurities.
  • Coverage of this Plaster is more compared to other Plaster of Paris.

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