Readymix Plaster

Dudhi Ready Mix Plaster is a polymer modified premixed cement based plaster. It is convenient, easy to use, strong and binds better to its substrate. It provides an even surface on which tiling can be done faster & efficiently. Dudhi Readymix Plaster is specially formulated using graded sand to impart compactness to the plaster. It also contains special polymers which reduces re-bonding losses, thereby increasing the productivity of the labour and has water-retaining component which reduces the curing requirement of the plaster, when compared to conventional method.

It is also available in ‘Spray Plaster Machine Application’ variant.

Technical Specification

Comparison with the conventional method of plastering

Application Procedure

Surface Preparation
Should be free of dust, grease etc,. else it will affect binding. If the surface is dry. It should be moistened with clean water.

Mixing Container

Water: Powder (6 ltr to 7 ltr water per 40kg bag)Dudhi Ready-mix Plaster must be mixed in a clean container. Mix thoroughly with clean water for minimum of 3 minutes.

Leave material to stand in container until the majority of bubbles have dispersed (minimum 5 minutes). Then remix the material for 20 seconds – the product is now ready to use.

Application Methodology

The mixture should be applied within one hour of preparation. If the concrete surface is smooth and dense. It’s recommended that the surface is made rough with comb for better sticking of the plaster layer. For better result, thin cement slurry is applied before plaster. For Application on RCC a polymer bonding Agent is highly recommended. Readymix Plast should be applied with hand and care should be taken that it doesn’t have direct exposure to sunlight, wind and rain during it’s application.

Curing /Watering
In normal weather, Readymix Plast doesn’t need watering for 24 hours. After the plaster is completely dry, watering should be done once or twice for 2-3 days, in abnormal weather conditions, watering for 5-7 days is required.


  • Dudhi ready mix plaster is non-toxic and non-hazardous.
  • Use goggles, dust mask, hand gloves, helmet and nose mask while doing any type of plastering work.
  • In case of contact with eyes of dry mix, immediately wash with plenty of clean water with clean hand and seek medical advice.
  • After finishing of work, wash hands with soap.

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