Wall Plast

Dudhi Wall Plast is a water resistant white cement based product for use on concrete/ mortar walls (Internal and External) and celling’s for levelling Purpose. It fills the fine pores of mortar/ concrete walls and ceiling and provides a white, smooth and dry levelled surface for painting. ‘Wall Plast’
It can be applied even on moist surfaces (Internal/External). Wall Plast has more adhesive strength, durability and increase the life of paints as compared to other conventional products like P.O.P and Gypsum. Wall Plast though white cement based, does not require water curing.

Technical Specification

Benefits of Wall Plast

Application Areas

  • Over plastered surface.
  • Directly over block masonry (Flyash brick or concrete block).
  • Directly over RCC/Cement concrete surface.

Application Procedure

Surface Preparation

Remove all loosely adhering material and greasy material with the help of wire brush or emery stone and wash with clean water. Rub-off if any efflorescence is present.

Measuring/Identifying/Marking the undulation

With the help of leveller find the undulation on the wall in all directions and mark them.


It is very Important and essential that the surface is wet properly before the application of ‘Dudhi Wallplast’. The surface should be wet during application, This ensures easy workability, higher coverage and higher bonding strength with the surface.

Mixing of ‘Dudhi Wallplast ‘

Mix ‘Dudhi Wallplast’ with 28-30 % clean water slowly with the help of mechanical stirrer to make a paste. It is very important that water be added to Wallplast to make a mix and not vice versa. Continue the mixing for 5 minutes approx. till a uniform paste is formed. Mix it thoroughly, only prepare a quantity which can be used within 15-20 min. of mixing with water.

Application Methodology

  • Check the level and apply ‘Wallplast’ in patches with the help of trowel, uniformly in upward direction (to avoid any wastage).
  • Immediately after this, level the surface with the help of aluminium float.
  • Allow the surface to dry completely before next coat.
  • After the patching-coat is applied, a uniform coat is applied on the entire wall with steel-float.
  • Aluminium float (6′) is used to feature level the wall-surface. Check the level/undulations and, if
    required, repeat the process until the desired level is achieved.
  • Leave the surface to dry for a day or more depending upon humidity & temperature.
  • Gently rub the dried surface with sanding trowel/emery of 500 n. to remove loose particles and
    scratches to get matt finish.

Precautions during Application

  • Only clean potable water is to be taken for mixing of Wallplast.
  • For easy application, the product is to be applied by trowel.
  • The surface of the plaster should be plain finished and should not be combed with wire brush s this
    would unnecessarily increase the consumption of the product resulting in higher end cost the
  • The walls should be in plumb and the deviation from right angle should be less than 5mm.
  • The Wallplast application is to be started after all plumbing, electrical, wooden and flooring works
    are complete.
  • Coverage will depend upon thickness of coating & number of edges in a room.

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