Wall Putty

Dudhi cement wall putty is a water resistant white cement based putty which provides a strong base on concrete/mortar walls and ceilings. It is applied before painting of the wall. It fills the fine pores of the walls and ceilings, thereby providing a white, smooth and dry surface for painting. Being water resistant it provides a protective base which prevents expensive paints from flaking. It has special added polymers and more adhesive strength which provides a strong base ensuring a longer life for the painted surface. It does not require water curing and it can even be applied on freshly plastered wall thus resulting in saving of time and cost.

Technical Specification


Surface Preparation

New Surface

New surface requires preparation such as removal of dust, dirt and foreign matter. In case of cracks, voids & damages it should be repaired. Surface should be in just-wet condition, prior to putty application.

Old Painted Surface

Scrub the surface with coarse wire brush/sand paper and clean thoroughly so that it is free from old paint / dust particles till the cementitious / plastered surface is seen. Surface could be washed with water, however ensuring that surface should be in just-wet condition, prior to putty application.

Plaster showing sign of Efflorescence / salt deposition

If due to salty water or salts in sand/bricks, problem of efflorescence is observed then plastered surface should be treated with mild acid like citric acid before application of Dudhi wall putty. Otherwise, wall putty will not stick to the wall and problem of flaking may arise. After 30 minutes of treating the surface with mild acid, surface should be washed thoroughly so that no acid remains on the wall. After drying properly, wall putty can be applied as normal. This treatment should be done under proper supervision.


Mixing Of Dudhi Wall Putty

Mix Dudhi Wall putty with 30-35% clean water slowly to make a paste. It is very important that water be added to putty to make a mix and not vice versa continue the mixing for 10-15 minutes till a uniform paste is formed. It is very important that the mixing of Putty should be done thoroughly preferably with mechanical mixer. This will help in easy application, obtaining more coverage and smooth uniform shade. Only prepare a quantity which can be used within 2-3hours of mixing with water.

Pre Wetting of the Surface

It is very important and essential that the surface is wet thoroughly before the application of the Dudhi wall putty. The surface should be wet during application. This ensures higher bonding strength , easy workability & higher coverage with the surface.

Application Methodology

  • Ensure that surface is plastered OR made with cementations material, surface is totally clean.
  • After drying of first coat of putty just rub the surface gently with wet sponge or very gently with the putty blade in order to remove the loose particles.
  • Allow the the surface to dry for at least 3 hours and then apply second coat of putty. Leave the surface to dry completely. After drying od second coat remove any type of marks with the help of moist sponge or rub the surface very gently with the putty blade.
  • Leave the surface to dry, preferably overnight 10-12 hours.
  • Always prepare a required quantity of putty and use it within 2-3 hours of mixing with water.
  • The total thickness of the coats should be limited to maximum 1.5mm.
  • All there is a need to remove unevenness before applying and kind of paint/distemper, gently level the surface with the very fine water proof emery paper of not less than 500 number to get a glossy white surface.


  • Although Dudhi Cement Putty do not contain any toxic material, use rubber gloves while mixing.P
  • recaution should be taken to avoid dust inhalation while handling putty powder or during removal of application marks with fine emery paper-say wearing nose mask.
  • Keep the product out of reach of children.
  • Once putty paste has hardened, it shall not be used by adding water.

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