Gypsum Acoustic Plaster

Dudhi Gypsum Acoustic Plaster is an innovative product Introduced by the company after getting the great success of ready-mix Gypsum based plaster ie: Brick Solution. This plaster is specially formulated and designed as suitable to internal plastering which provides visually appealing aesthetics, good adhesion on to the walls and ceilings, durable, most economical apart from greater sound absorption (NRC) property. Dudhi Gypsum Acoustic plaster consists with specially imported ingredients as Aggregates, additives and Calcium Sulphate. It is ideal for application in Reception areas, Auditoriums, Meeting Rooms, Cinema/Multiplexes, Banquets, Banks, Class Rooms, Sound Recording studios and Educational Institutes where NRC value is more important.

Technical Specification


  • Good Acoustic Plaster properties as Noise Reduction Co-efficient (NRC) value – 0.60.
  • No Post Curing is required.
  • Free from shrinkage cracks.
  • Manufacturing with advance technology & special formulation.
  • Less wastage and higher coverage makes it economical.


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