Gypsum Plaster (Brick Solution-95)

Brick Solution 95 is developed by Dudhi Gypsum Pvt. Ltd. to enhance the range of Gypsum plaster and present a quality product to the internal plastering system. This plaster is Gypsum based ready mixed one coat application product which can be applied directly on brick/block walls and concrete ceilings. It eliminates both sand cement and POP application. A special formulation which is able to provide extra-ordinary features like more coverage, high-quality finish, easy to apply, crack-free surface, etc.

Technical Specification :

Application Methodology

  • Always mix powder to water not water to powder (2 part of water: 3 part of Plaster)
  • ackground should be thoroughly brushed with broom to remove dust and mortar.
  • Recommended to pre wet surface before application.
  • The surface to be plastered prepared with bull mark / level strip properly to maintained correct line level and right angle of the room.
  • To fill the plaster paste through Trowel and finally polish with a thin slurry coat to achieve smooth aesthetics surface.
  • Fixing and Fittings of all kind services should be done before proceeding to plaster.
  • In case of hacking it should be 40-50 numbers per square feet area up to 3 – 5 mm depth.

Backed by Superior Service

  • Technical service team offers regular site training to use tools and technology to improve productivity.
  • Intermediate site inspections and feedback.
  • Recommend trained application Team.
  • Largely distributed manufacturing capacity.

Testing Standards

  • Confirms to IS 2547 (Part I) – 1976 for physical & chemical characteristics
  • Confirms to IS 2547 (Part II) – 1976 for physical characteristics

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